Trust Administration

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When a person establishes a trust during their lifetime and either no longer has the capacity to act as trustee or dies, the successor trustee has the responsibility of administering the trust. Certain duties are placed upon the successor trustee at that time. We help successor trustees interpret the trust, understand their obligations, and carry out their duties to the beneficiaries.

Probate Administration

The death of a loved one is a difficult time and most families rightfully struggle with dealing with the assets that their loved one left behind. The law requires that after an individual's death, the property and assets of a person be transferred and distributed in accordance with rigid guidelines. The distribution of property and assets is overseen by a Probate Court, even if the person died with a will. We help executors, administrators and families through the Probate Court process. Although the executor or administrator is responsible for making the decisions, we encourage the participation of the entire family. We have found that the process is simplified when everyone is involved.


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