are you ready for long term care costs?

acquiring the care you need, while preserving your independence and assets

Long Term Care Planning
As we age, several difficult questions must be asked. How is my health? Am I going to manage on my own? Can I stay in my home? Do I need to move? Where will I go? What are my care options? It will come as no surprise that health care costs are on the rise. Assisted living and long term care facilities are extraordinarily high. However, with careful planning an individual and couples can take ensure their health care needs are completely taken care without burdening their loved ones and they can remain as independent as possible.
Good planning is essential. Unfortunately, too many times individuals and couples speak to an Elder Law attorney after thousands of Dollars worth of life savings have been unneccessarily spent down thinking that nothing could have been done. By engaging in conversation early, you and your family can know the options available to you and can have a complete plan for handling long term care costs, preserving your hard-earned assets and protecting a legacy for future generations.
Medicaid Planning
The Medicaid eligibility process is complex and working with DHHS is like navigating an ever-changing maze of Department rules and regulations. We help individuals navigate that maze and gain eligibility for their long-term care needs. We work with families to help them understand their rights, which are never explained. We also file Medicaid appeals when necessary to protect those rights.
Guardianships become necessary when a person does not have the proper estate planning documents in place and they become incapable of making their own health care and/or financial decisions. We guide families through the guardianship procedures.